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Best United States Based Companies Which Moved Online from Offline

Aside from these tough economic times due to COVID 19, companies in the past few years follow the latest trend to move businesses online imitating some of America’s eCommerce giants. The best way to overcome the damage of this economic crisis and get the business back on its feet is to go with the flow and present the products online as opposed to the traditional way. One thing is for sure, people prefer to shop from the comfort of their own home instead of getting in the crowd especially in this chaotic time. Of course, there will always be a group of people who will enjoy shopping in physical stores. However, the rise of online shopping prevails the old-fashioned way people are used to. No one can beat the fact that physical stores are dominant on the market, but thanks to the mobile apps the trend of eCommerce stores is rapidly growing. Companies rush to take advantage of this trend in online shopping mostly to protect the business.

Here are some of the best US companies that gave the e-commerce industry a new look using a phenomenal online platform.


Another successful American eCommerce business is Groupon. First launched in Chicago as a discount online shopping, but was later spread worldwide as one of the best online places to look for cheap deals and discounts. Groupon is a direct link between customers and companies. To save the business, most companies decided to go online and offer their services through other digital stores besides the actual offline store. And surprisingly it is a win-win situation.

Best US Login Companies
Best US Login Companies


Walmart is one of America’s top retail stores that have adopted the new normal due to the pandemic situation. But even before that Walmart has been investing in e-commerce for years. This company has been spending a fortune on providing easy-to-use apps for the customers. That kind of investment increased the revenue to nearly $11.5 billion per year. The transaction of goods is done smoothly over the internet that customers don’t need to shop outside. E-commerce companies have invested in outstanding digital wallet services and electronic payment methods to make online stores work properly. Of course here are the shipping and logistic companies to help deliver the packages right in front of customers’ homes.

Best Companies Below

Amazon, Inc.

Amazon created an empire as an e-commerce retailer. Today, this company is the world’s largest online store that was first introduced to the market in 1994. The beginnings were not so bright, but nowadays when online shopping is a hit, the profit went up. This company is a perfect example of a successful online business that many offline companies decide to follow.

Home Depot Inc.

The largest home improvement retailer in the US moved its business online. The reason for this move is well known due to the economic and health crisis. The only way to save the business and increase the profit margin is to invest in online apps and websites where customers can still get their products fast and easy. This company offers to customers a wide range of products from building materials to lawn and garden products as well as tools and equipment rentals. Maybe the wide spectrum of products adds to the high revenue, but the fact that it went online adds a lot. It reached up to an incredible $112.1 billion, $11.0 billion of which is from online stores. Although the competition in the e-commerce world is tight, still Home Depot seems not to have a problem at all. It’s one of the few companies that register an increase in digital sales by an impressive 762% to be exact. Home Depot’s success is based on several factors including continuous investment in easy to shop apps and creative omnichannel strategies that allow faster delivery of the products that are ordered online.

Costco Wholesale Corp.

Number one Company that offers a variety of products from grocery to packaged food, automotive and electronic supplies, toys, jewelry, apparel, health and beauty, and much more. Everything one needs in one place. However, customer’s needs come first and due to the new trend, this company decided to go online as well. To company’s luck, that move turned to be the right decision. The revenue hoped up to $160.9 billion.

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