How Portals Help Employees to Connect

What better way to make employee communication more enjoyable and easy-going than using a creative social employee portal. Yes, you heard it well. The new must-have portal essential for big corporations, where many employees provide outsourcing services for numerous projects. Thanks to this amazing social portal, these offshore employees have an opportunity to connect with the other people working in that specific organization. The good thing about this social intranet tool is that employees do not need to use additional social media during work hours. Instead, they communicate with each other through this portal sharing information that only regards the employees of that specific organization.

Xps Pduutgbl2 M Unsplash
Xps Pduutgbl2 M Unsplash

Additionally, that increases productivity but decreases the need of the employees to use other social media. The question is how to encourage teamwork nowadays when most of the global workforce works from the comfort of their own home. Or at least they don’t traditionally work behind the desk. Although absent in the workplace, still there are ways to help employees stay connected with each other.

Let’s give it a look!

Employees Self-Service

The situation with the COVID 19 led to changes in all areas of people’s lives. The global workforce was mostly affected and transformed. But regardless of the virus, the changes were evitable. That’s how the employee portal was born. With the self-service feature, workers can still finish their work obligations on time no matter the absence. Thanks to the employee self-service portal, the job of the HR department is relieved simply because employees can organize business trips, request transfers, or annual leave without filling in paperwork. Now that technology is modernized, there is no need for physical presence when employees can connect with the HR department through the portal.

Project Management Tool

Larger companies that have multiple locations find the employee portal quite handy and useful because it helps connect workers in one place. Through this one-of-a-kind portal, employees can handle different kinds of tasks, share information among co-workers, store files, and keep a track of group calendars. That is extremely important for employees who work in a team on specific projects. No matter the distance, employees are connected in one place, dealing all with the same problem until the project is done.

Event Management

It’s well known that all contracts happen on company events. Thus event management is of crucial importance to every business regardless of small or big. Thanks to the event management system, employees are constantly updated about coming events on time. It’s way easier to keep track of upcoming events with this easy-to-use digital system. It brings all employees closer to the company. Workers feel more comfortable to collaborate and share fun ideas when creating and managing a company’s event.

Internal Job Openings

Second best thing about this employee portal besides having fun with colleges is the opportunity to get internal information faster. Especially when it comes to the company’s new job openings. It’s normal to feel the need to grow in the same company whether it is for a bigger salary or greater knowledge. It’s way easier to change job positions thanks to the employee portal, simply because employees can keep track of new internal job openings available in the company. No better way to keep the employees constantly aware of the company’s demands, encouraging them to do better. This way the connection between the employer and the employee is open and fair.

Document Management

We are witnessing the paperless generation. Technology is moving faster than the speed of light. A revolution has been made in the area of data management. Instead of keeping a pile of documents and spreadsheets, the transferring of data became digital. Most of the companies have replaced the old fashioned way of keeping data with a safer and more secure way of sharing information. Thanks to this modernized employee portal, co-workers can share documents and keep a track of the same at any time. That facilitates things of the employees who work in a team, simply because they can be more organized when engaged in different projects. Most importantly, employees feel more connected to each other as they can share, discuss, and make contracts transparently through this online employee portal.

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