PS5 Controller

PS5 Controller: What We Know So Far

Sony revealed that we would be using the DualSense PS5 controller for the next-gen console. Many PlayStation fans are continually asking; how does the PS5 controller look like? Well, in this article, we will be sharing everything we know about the new PS5 controller.

The next-gen controller is radically different from the previous versions of gamepads. The new gamepad has taken a futurist look, a boomerang-like shape, and a black and white color scheme. This has attracted a lot of divided opinions from the fans.

Whether you like the new controller or not, this next-gen gamepad has some cool features that we can’t ignore – we can’t wait to lay our hands on this new controller finally. Some of these great features include a built microphone; a create button that will be replacing the PS4’s Share button, and an adaptive shoulder button triggers that come with haptic feedback.

Here is what we know about the new DualSense controller PS5.

Sony revealed its next-gen controller back on April 7, 2020. The new controller will premiere together with its parent console, the PS5, during Holiday 2020. The PS4 controller is compatible with both PC and the PS4. We don’t expect any less with the next-gen console.

Price of The PS5 Controller

The price of this new controller is not out yet. The PS4 retails at around $50/£40/AU$80. We expect the Dual Sense to be a little bit expensive. If I were to predict the price somewhere around $70/, £60/AU$, 120 would be reasonable.

Please nit that is just pure speculation; no official statement has been made by Sony as far as the PS5 controller is concerned.

Top Features of The PS5 Controller

Here are some of the confirmed features of the next-gen controller.

  • Haptic Feedback

The haptic feedback tech is set to replace pS4’s rumble feature. The rumble tech for the PS4 saw the controller vibrate during some specific in-game events. However, it was not designed to suit a gamer’s experience.

The haptic feature is designed to simulate touch. The controller will output movements and vibrations that will replicate some real-life touch experience. The techs aim at improving a player’s immersion as wells as the controller’s feedback.

According to Jim Ryan, SIE CEO, the haptic feedback will bring about a significant change. The experience is so different even when you are playing a simple racing game. According to Ryan, there’s no going back to the old-gen controller once you experience the next-gen’s adaptive triggers and haptic control.

  • The ‘Create’ Button

The new PS5 controller doesn’t come with a share button like its predecessor. Instead, the controller will come with a ‘create’ button to perform the same function and even more. Sony aims at pioneering new ways of creating some epic gameplay where gamers can share it or enjoy it all for themselves.

  • Audio Jack

According to the PS5 controller leak, the DualSense will feature an audio jack where one can plug their headsets and headphones.

  • Adaptive Triggers

Adaptive triggers have been incorporated into the L2 and R2 trigger buttons, according to Sony. The adaptive triggers will see developers develop trigger with the right resistance to stimulate actions even more accurately.

  • Built-In Microphone

According to Sony, the new PS5 controller will come with an in-built microphone that gamers can use to communicate with their friends online.

Ps5 Controller Design

The new controller will come with significant improvements as compared to the previous versions. The controller comes with minimalist and futuristic design. The design confirmed some of the PS5 controller leaks.

  • A ‘create’ button that will replace the share button
  • An in-built microphone for communication
  • Button triggers with haptic feedback

According to Sony, they have worked hard to lessen the wait of the next-gen controller and to maintain a health battery life as well.

The company moved the LED light bar from its initial position in the DualShock 4 to the DualSense touchpad. According to Sony, this will give the LED strip a more substantial feel and look.

The color tone of the new PS5 controlled has sparked a lot of mixed reactions. The console will come in a two-tone color scheme – black and white. The controller will be devoid of color as far as the face buttons are concerned. The usual Circle, Square, Triangle, and X are still there, but they won’t have their typical hues.

According to Sony, they feel that they need to make a generation leap with the next-gen controller. The black and white design is probably going to extend to the next-gen console, something that is different from what we are used with – the black color since PS2.

However, we expect Sony to produce different colors once the PS5 has launched as they have done since the emergence of the PSOne. The PS4 controller, including the limited edition, comes in 30 different colors. Expect nothing different from the next-gen controller.

PS5 Controller Specs

As highlighted earlier, the DualSense controller has revealed some great features such as the haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and an in-built microphone. The full specs of the next-gen controller have not yet been released, including the life of the controller’s battery.

We will keep you posted as more and more specs are revealed.

Rumours About The PS5 Controller

The PS5 is not short of rumors. Every excellent tech piece will have suggestions, and the controller is not any different.

Here are some of the stories we’ve heard concerning the PS5 controller.

  • Wireless Charging

Some suggest that the new controller could come with a wireless charging system. So far, nothing of the sort has been mentioned by Sony. The tech, however, appears to be more optional than standard.

  • Sweat and Heart Rate Sensors

According to this rumor, the PS5 will tailor your game according to your vital signs. The tech intends to use a player’s biometric feedback to monitor the sweat and heart rate levels then adjust the gameplay per its findings.

  • Voice Control

This is another rumor that Sony hasn’t yet verified. The company only touched on an in-built microphone, and they didn’t say anything concerning voice control.

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