PS5 May Look Nothing Like Its Dev Kit

PS5 May Look Nothing Like Its Dev Kit

There have been a lot of leaked PS5 leaked dev kits that have been making rounds on the internet in recent times showing that the new PS5 console is out in the wild. If you have had a good look at PS5 images going around, they don’t look anything like Sony’s previous consoles as far as the design is concerned. The V-shaped console appears to be so bulky and looks like an alien in terms of its appearance.

Because of this, we firmly believe that the images that were are seeing around won’t be the final design of the PS5 console when it finally launches during Holiday 2020. If you are a lover of consoles, you will agree with me that most times, the leaked images before the release of a console don’t typically resemble the final product.

Since the first PlayStation console, PlayStation dev kits have looked so much different from the launched product. I don’t expect PS5 to be any different.

To better prove this, let’s take a trip down the memory lane.


Many think that the original PlayStation dev kit was the blue version of the console. Well, it was. However, it was just one of the several dev kits that were created. Several were created, and the blue one was used in the final stages of development for debugging purposes.

Let look at the first PlayStation dev kit, the MW.3. For the record, this prototype was not a dev kit since its hardware differed from the original PlayStation. However, it was sent to different developers.

The reason why we are narrowing down to the MW.3 it’s because it resembles the PS5 dev kits that are buzzing the internet. It also perfectly explains how the design of a console can change.

The MW.3 box didn’t look anything like the PlayStation that was launched. The prototype was bulky and big, with a few ports in the front and a little screen just as the PS5 dev kits that have been floating around. The PlayStation that premiered was flatter, smaller, and of a totally different design.

PlayStation 2

The PS2 dev kit was a chunky machine. It basically looked like PlayStation 2 Slim that was stacked on top of another PS2. However, the design of the dev kit wasn’t so much far off from the final PS2 that launched. The same also applied to the blue version prototype of the original PlayStation.

The PS2 that premiered in 2000 was slimmer. However, the design almost resembled the dev kit – it was more streamlined, though. The dev kit is arguably one of the kits that ever closer resembled a launched console.

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 consoles design changed so much from its dev kit. The PS3 dev kit was a large black box that had a lot of buttons and ports and 2 HDDs – it looked much like a VCR. The PlayStation 3 that premiered in 2006 seemed so different from this.

Well, the hardware looked much like the same with just a few omissions. However, in terms of the appeared, the PlayStation 3 was sleeker, showcasing this futuristic look we had never seen on the previous PlayStation consoles.

A lot of ports and buttons were streamlined, and the HDD was tucked behind the casing. I hope the PS5 will take the same route and come out with a sleeker system that doesn’t look like the PS5 dev kit.

I’m convinced that Sony has already made its mind concerning the PS5 final design. They are just waiting for the right time to disclose the final outlook due to fear of the modern culture of leaks.

PlayStation 4

Finally, let’s get down to Sony’s recent PS console (of course, excluding the PS4 Pro). Just as its predecessor, the PS3, the PS4 dev kit was very different from the final PS4 that launched in 2013.

From the prototype shape, it was clear that Sony had stopped releasing dev kits that resembled the final product. We don’t know yet whether they do this to give developers more time to work the hardware-intensive games, or it is to prevent design leaks, or maybe they don’t usually have the final design out yet. It’s debatable. However, among the above, one could be correct or a mixture of all, among other factors, such as the cost.

The difference between the PS4 dev kit and the actual PS4 was massive. First and foremost, the PS4 dev kit looked like a heavy-duty briefcase that looked like the original Xbox. It had a disk drive at the front, some ports, and buttons.

The ports and buttons were lessened with the final product and did away with the military look. It was smaller and tidier in terms of the examination. No one could have guessed what Sony had in mind by just looking at the PS4 dev kit.

PlayStation 5

And to windup on this journey, we look at the next-gen console, the PlayStation 5. The PS5 dev kit that has been going around is alien-looking and burly. It has this V-shaped design. They probably did that intentionally; to maybe mark the ‘5’ in PlayStation 5.

As history has taught us, the last consoles don’t look anything like their dev kits. Dev kits are generally meant for testing, and they need to be robust in order to perform specific roles. There’s no need for whichever reason why these dev kits should resemble the final iteration.

The PS5 is months away from its official launch. The chances are that Sony has its final design, or maybe they are polishing the ultimate features and design. The company has been wary of leaks. Just look at the number of times the PlayStation 5 dev kit has been shared on the web. I think it will be prudent for them to just hold off from revealing any designs for the moment.

To sum up all this, we should not expect the console that will be launching in Holiday 2020 to look like the dev kits images that are making rounds on the internet at the moment. Well, it might have some of the elements; however, expect something different. Something spectacular that can sit under your TV for some years to come.

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