PS5 Preorder

PS5 Preorder: Everything You Need to Know

Sony announced that they would be launched their next-gen console in holiday 2020. With a new console comes pre-order. Many are wondering when the PS5 pre-order will be available. Well, the price of the PS5 has not yet been announced. We are only learning the games, the specs, and the features of this next-gen console.

Trust me; there is a lot to find out and learn before the PS5 pre-order begins. With the controller already revealed, some of the specs scrutinized, and the logo mocked, all that is left to know is to find out how much money we will be spending on this new console.

From the look of things, the pre-order for the PS5 is not very far from its realization. Top retailers are allowing sign-ups on their sites for this new console. However, it doesn’t mean that when you sign up that you will get listed for an initial purchase. It will only put you in a better position to know when the pre-order starts. Some of these top sites include:

  • GameStop
  • Best Buy
  • Currys

As things stand, we won’t be receiving the PS5 price anytime soon. The world is changing daily, and there are reports that there will be only limited units during the launch. With that said, it is becoming more challenging to judge Sony’s position.

Typically, the price of Sony’s next-gen console is announced during the E3. Sony has, however, left the show some time back, and this year’s expo was canceled, and therefore we don’t know yet if we will be getting any news about the PS5 price in June. If we don’t get to hear anything about the price, I guess we will be waiting for the summer to find out from the PS5 pre-order.

Whether you are thinking about the PS5 bundle deals or planning to get in early, the price of this next-gen console will be in the minds of many as draw closer and closer to the big reveal.

Sony is trying to pack a punch by bringing in some hot specs. The components and the spectacular specs don’t come quickly and cheaply; therefore, we might be looking at a higher PS5 price as compared to that of the PS4.

Generational competition is continuing to heat up with Microsoft, also bringing in their next-gen console, the Xbox Series X. Sony is cautious not to announce pre-order and the price first. Otherwise, Xbox will undercut them at the last minute.

According to reports, Sony will limit the number of units to be released at launch due to the coronavirus pandemic that has slowed both the distribution and production. Some of these challenges are going to raise the price of the new console, and maybe pre-order won’t be some of the top things to do.

Will Coronavirus Affect PS5 Pre-Order Window and The Price?

PS5 Preorder
PS5 Preorder

Recent news has stated that Sony is much concerned about the COVID-19 situation and how it’s going to affect the PS5 launch. The pandemic is not only threatening to increase the price of the console but also changing the pace of the start.

With events canceled, Sony is trying as much as possible to fit their next-gen console into the Holiday 2020 bracket that was earlier announced. However, it will be challenging to get your hands on the new console on the go. Pre-order might be the only way to secure purchase at launch.

When Will News About The PS5 Price Come Out?

According to Hiroki Totoki, the Sony CFO, there’s no chance of the release date and that the console will hit the market at a time that is comparable to the past. Since April, the price has not yet been revealed.

For the PS4 case, a time like this, we only knew the specs and nothing concerning the price till the E3. So, if Sony is working with a schedule that can be compared to the past, we are definitely not going to know anything about the price until sometime in the summer.

PS4 Vs. PS5 Price

There could be competitive reasons why Sony hasn’t revealed the price of its next console. When the PS4 was premiering back in 2013, they didn’t say a word till Microsoft made a move, first.

Microsoft set the Xbox One at $499/ £ 429. After the Xbox price announcement, Sony cut the camera from the PlayStation and came up with a $100 cheaper tag on their consoles. That could be the reason why they haven’t revealed the price yet – to wait and see whether Xbox could make the same move as before. Or probably they just careful that Microsoft could be returning the favor this time around.

So how does this next-gen console’s price compare to those of the old-gen? The PS4 launched at $399/£350/AU$599. The PS3, on the other hand, started at a higher price of $599/£425. With the high-cost components that will feature in the new console, we are probably going to see an estimate of about $499/£449/AU$699. Anyway, these are just speculations.

When Can I Pre-Order PS5?

Probably you are asking yourself when you can pre-order PS5. As highlighted earlier, you can now sign up for an email notification for some of the top retailers, including GameStop and Best Buy. Once you sign up, the moment pre-order goes live, you are going to be one of the first people to know. However, that doesn’t guarantee you a unit; you must ensure that you are fast enough to be able to get yourself into the pre-order list.

In the past, pre-orders usually go live shortly after the E3. If we are to go by history, we expect that the PS5 pre-orders will hit the shelf sometime during the summer months, preparing for a release in November.

This time around, you need to be very vigilant to be first in line for the next-gen console. Reports indicate that there has been a production slowdown due to the COVID-19, and only a few units could be available at launch.

Judging from the past, PS4 pre-order was a success, with retailers selling out in weeks. We will have to wait if the PS5 will be a hit this year with Xbox Series X hot on its heels.

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