Spiderman 2 PS5

Spiderman 2 PS5: Is The Game Set in The Winter?

With PS5 premiering in holiday 2020, a lot of rumors have begun surfacing. There are a lot of Spiderman fans out there, and a majority are wondering whether Spiderman 2 will be available in PS5.

Some of the rumors that have surfaced online are for the Spiderman game. There a lot of speculations that Spiderman will make a grand return in the PS5. How far from the truth could be that?

Here is every rumor about the PS5 Spiderman.

There are a lot of new rumors that have come up stating the Spiderman game will be set in the winter. In the original Spiderman, Peter Parker usually is at the lead. However, according to the rumors, Miles Morales has a significant role to play and will be playable in some incidents.

According to the news, the game will allow you to switch between the two characters; however, it is still unknown whether this feature will be available in the final product.

PS5’s power will make the game’s world bigger in such a way that Spiderman will be able to enter some of the buildings in the game. According to the rumors, the mechanics will be getting a significant overhaul.

You will have this “web-chain” ability that will allow you to pre-map various zipping points, making it possible for you to zip between them. There are also numerous animation upgrades.

Spiderman 2 Release Date

According to Imran Khan of Kinda Funny, the game will be releasing sooner than we imagine. Khan claims to know more about the game, and therefore he isn’t doing a lot of speculations. He continues to mention the Christmas 2021 window for the release.

New Mechanics

Here are some of the rumors concerning the mechanics of the spiderman PS5.

Winter Physics

According to leakers, snow will be able to accumulate on Spiderman’s suit and fall off as he moves. Peter is also pictured walking in New York. The same way, snow will be able to accumulate on its jacket. Snow prints from the player and others are also visible.

There are three different types of weather, namely:

  1. Light snow
  2. Light rain
  3. Heavy snow

Here are some of the weather dynamics in the game, according to leakers.

  • Weather systems will be able to come and go freely.
  • Time will pass without transitions.
  • The story will take place for a longer time.
  • More room for days to pass within the game
  • Players will play in one instance for a long time.

Black Suit

The suit will be able to be switched on and off with just a simple button press. According to leakers, the game will use a web of shadows style system. The suit selection screen will also be available, and most of the suits will be greyed out. In addition to that, the Raimi Suit (webbed) and the advanced suit will also be available.

In the game, every suite will have its symbiote version. Dodging, combos, key presses, and precision are the main focus when you are not fighting using the suit.

With symbiote suit, combat is more potent with less dodging and faster attacks. With the suit, you can also attack multiple enemies at the same and use specific special abilities that will be unlocked once you obtain this suit.


Here are some of the rumors concerning the missions.

Dynamic missions

According to leakers, the first missions are the balloon missions. During the mission, Spiderman gets a balloon that is caught on a flagpole. The balloon in another task, the balloon flies away, and the landing gear of a helicopter picks it.

There are also construction workers – some falling off buildings and others hanging onto ledges. Some people need to be taken to hospital and others who are in burning houses and require rescuing.

According to the leaker, small missions like those bring about a “friendly neighborhood,” a typical Spiderman aspect.

Side missions

According to the rumors, there is a fight with Mysterio, on the statue of liberty. There are also some other images of a clocktower and a theatre with Mysterio at the center in both of them.

This means that the statue of liberty will be a common location where Mysterio is set to appear several. In this game, the side missions will be more as compared to the predecessor game.

There are significant villains in some of the side missions, and others will assist in fleshing out the world. During the game, Daredevil is set to appear – he could be even making more appearances!

There will also be some racing mechanics with human torch races featuring.


Many characters have been rumored to be in Spiderman 2. Here are some of the top rumored characters so far.

  • Spiderman/Peter Parker
  • Mysterio
  • Harry Osborne
  • Mary Jane Watson
  • Eddie Brock
  • Doctor Conners
  • J. Jonah Jameson
  • Norman Osborne
  • Miles Morales

These are some of the rumors characters. They could be more. After all, they are just speculations, and nothing has been made official this far.

Spiderman 2 for PS5: is it too soon?

If the game premieres during the 2021 holiday, that will be a fast turnaround time. If this game launches next year, it will be about three years since its predecessor hit the shelves. To develop the original Spiderman game, it took around six years.

If this is true, it could probably mean the developer moved its team over to the next-gen, leaving behind a few to work on the original game.

Given the time frame, it only appears to be too good to be true. If the rumors are to be accurate, then it means the developer didn’t re-invent the wheel, they only expanded the universe of the original game.

This is everything that you need to know concerning spiderman 2. So, will be Spiderman making a return in PS5? Maybe, maybe not. According to rumors, it’s going to be a PS5 game.

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